Reflection On Being Home (Update 1)

Dale Booher

Dale Booher

I have just arrived back in the States after being in Puerto Lempira, Honduras for 5 days.

Being brief (I will explain this in expanse later) life in Honduras is 100% different than it is at home. Ideals, day to day life, and society couldn't have been further than what I could have ever imagined. That being said, I truly hope that Luke and I were able to capture as much of what we felt in La Mosquitia on camera.

We shot for at least 8 hours everyday we were there, for five days straight. We got on the truck at 7:45am, came back for lunch at 12:30, and left at 2 for a different location usually returning around 7 or later. Everywhere we went pulsed with life and character. The streets took on life like a forest, and the people wore their souls on their faces. We were met with glances of curiosity, and treated with the respect we arrived with. 

We shot a total of approximately 2.5Tb of footage, and took around 100Gb of digital photos plus six rolls of film. From here on out, we will be sorting footage, editing photos, doing post-production, and piecing together the narrative that will drive the documentary on our experience and the Honduran People. Every aspect of our trip will be expanded in great detail as we continue this blog: it is meant to be an outlet for us as well as a guide to our process and experiences for you. We hope we can express the uncertain excitement and spirit of our adventure in a way that that affects you. We certainly are going to try. 

- Dale Booher