Update 3 - Working With a Composer

Dale Booher

Dale Booher

Music, in any cinematic piece, is vastly important and influential. Even more so for me personally, because my background is in music. During the shoot in Honduras, we didn't have much time to absorb our surroundings therefore not lending much thought to the score for our documentary. We did have a couple ideas though. We knew that we want it to be emotionally moving, powerful at times and somber at others, and ultimately fit the tone we were going for while filming and constructing the narrative. Even before I went to Honduras, I had in mind a composer who I knew could breathe life into the documentary musically. Hunter Rogerson is a good friend of mind and a colleague who will be composing an original score for our documentary. 

After talking with Hunter a couple times, we have started to gain an understanding about what each of us have to offer to this piece of a whole. For me, working with a composer is about mutual understandings, some improvisation, and trust. Its a back and forth relationship, meaning that I give him reference material, he generates ideas, I may change the original material, and then we finally settle on a composition. This is how we are approaching the beginning of writing the score, which will become a more fluid process quickly. 

- Dale Booher