Creating the Spirits of Honduras - Update 4

The Spirits of Honduras are our way of bringing the different aspects of Honduras back home. There were so many things we saw, completely different from my life here, the life I've been so used to. We saw dogs on the streets. We saw hand built houses raised up on stilts. We saw makeshift kitchens cooking native food. We saw complete chaos on the streets that somehow flowed better than traffic here in the States. We saw strife, struggle, beauty, and love. We saw children happy in circumstances you, myself, my friends and family, would never be happy in. There is so much more.

The Spirits are 1-minute pieces meant to summarize a specific part of Honduras. Whether it be The People, The Streets, The Mission, or The Family. They all play their part in the ebb and flow of Honduran life and culture. They will be the first pieces of our trip and this experience we put out there. As of right now, the Spirits of Honduras are being put together while we are also conceptualizing/working with our composer. 

- Dale Booher